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★ Big Bang Rating ★'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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but i love you~ GD [25 Apr 2009|11:45am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

<lj-cut text=”Write whatever you feel like (:”>

<SMALL><b><u>ON STAGE</u></b>

<b>Name:</b> Jessica
<b>Age:</b> 14
<b>Favorite color:</b> black, gray, white, pink, etc (none that i dont like)
<b>Likes:</b> music (kpop)
<b>Dislikes:</b> veggies!! "fake" singers
<b>Hobbies:</b> listening to music, singing/rapping, computer, hanging out w friends, piano

<b>Groups(s)/Band(s): </b> big bang, dbsk, suju, VOS, epik high, gavynj, seeya, sgwannabe, someday, beg, bes, browneyes, etc.. (singers that can actually SING)
<b>Movie(s): </b> horror, violence/action, comedy
<b>Food/candy: </b> everything except few veggies. not much of sweets tho

<b><u>BEHIND THE SCENES</u></b>

<b>Strong Point: </b> none
<b>Weak Point: </b> too quiet in class, too loud outside^^, lazy, do only wats in interest
<b>What is most important in your life? </b> MUSIC
<b>Future dreams: </b> meeting big bang^^, being successful overall

<b><u>BIG BANG</u></b>

<b>Favorite member? Why?</b>  G-Dragon! he's talented (composer, lyricist, producer), stylish, cute/hot, etc
<b>Favorite song:</b> but i love you (but srsly i like all the songs)
<b>Favorite PV? why?:</b> ?? wats PV?

<b><u>GOODBYE BABY</u></b>
<b>Your most treasured memory: </b> ...
<b>How is your idea of a fun day with friends? </b> just hanging out is fun. maybe going to movies, shopping, dinner, OMG AND KARAOKE!!
<b>What would you do if you won $10000? </b> i guess donate some (i dont need all that), BUY AN AIRPLANE TICKET TO KOREA!!

<b>Pictures(optional):</b> (max 2)


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Rating time :D [28 Aug 2008|10:46pm]

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dood. eez dead? [30 Jun 2008|05:22pm]

So. It is possible that this comm is just completely dead. O_O I might, like, advertise. Mmhm. This is a fab idea. n__n
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[09 Jan 2008|05:37pm]

[ mood | bored ]

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Application [08 Jan 2008|09:58pm]

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Application [27 Dec 2007|01:05am]

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La La La [17 Jul 2007|08:02am]


<lj-cut text=”LaLaLa (:”>

<SMALL><b><u>ON STAGE</u></b>

<b>Favorite color:black</b>
<b>Likes:music shoping sleeping/b>
<b>Dislikes:viet mung bean cake</b>
<b>Hobbies:singing dancing</b>

<b>Groups(s)/Band(s): suju dbsk 1tym BB epik high </b>
<b>Movie(s): no idea</b>
<b>Food/candy: yummy food</b>

<b><u>BEHIND THE SCENES</u></b>

<b>Strong Point: smart</b>
<b>Weak Point: shy</b>
<b>What is most important in your life?to be alive </b>
<b>Future dreams: to be a singer</b>

<b><u>BIG BANG</u></b>

<b>Favorite member? Why?seung ri cuz he is extremely sexy and has talent!</b> 
<b>Favorite song:LaLaLa</b>
<b>Favorite PV? why?:Vip..even tho its short its cool,sweet clothing dancing and face paint</b>

<b><u>GOODBYE BABY</u></b>
<b>Your most treasured memory: being a kid</b>
<b>How is your idea of a fun day with friends?shopping,mall,sleepovers,party,over at someones house </b>
<b>What would you do if you won $10000? shop for clothes,buy somestuff for room,get new cell,donate to charity, go to asia</b>

<b>Pictures(optional):</b> (max 2)


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STAMPS & STAMPED MEMBERS [17 Jul 2007|12:50pm]

Reply in this post with a link to your applicaton when you either have 10 stamps or 6 of the same person. A mod will then check out your application as soon as possible and stamp you.

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