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Name: Margaret
Age: 17
Favorite color: Red
Likes: sushi, music (pop, rock, hip-hop, funk, jazz), asian dramas
Dislikes: country music
Hobbies: band, making icons, internet,

Groups(s)/Band(s): Big Bang, Count Basie Orchestra, NERD, a lot more. I have very strange taste in music.
Movie(s): I am a huge Star Wars fan. I also enjoy reciting lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Food/candy: Sushi is one of my favorite foods. My favorite candy would have to be Reese's Pieces (sp?).


Strong Point: I am a leader, the head drum major of the high school marching band. I have a strong presence amongst the other band members and people look to me for guidance.
Weak Point: I procrastinate like crazy. And I get distracted from homework easily.
What is most important in your life? Having a few good, close friends is more important to me than being popular. Doing well in school is also important, because if I don't do well in school, then my life is pretty much down the drain. And I've been accepted to Western Washginton University! Woohoo for me!
Future dreams: I want to continue my education in college and major in East Asians studies. I'd also like to live in Asia (Japan, Taiwan or South Korea) for a while. 


Favorite member? Why? TOP all the way. I love his low voice. Which is unusual for me because before I found out about Big Bang, I used to hate rappers.
Favorite song: Last Farewell.
Favorite PV? why?: I my new favorite PV would have to be How Gee. I really like the "old school rap" feel to it.

Your most treasured memory: My summers in Michigan. For only 3 weeks I get to spend time with my extended family, almost 2000 away from where I live now.
How is your idea of a fun day with friends? Going clubbing. Bwahaha.
What would you do if you won $10000? I would keep it and put it towards my college tuition. I like holding onto my money and not spending it all at once, or atleast spending it on something really important.

Pictures(optional): (max 2)

By the way, this community really needs some more promotions! It feels kind of dead in here. yg_bigbang might be a good place to start. :) 
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