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dood. eez dead?

So. It is possible that this comm is just completely dead. O_O I might, like, advertise. Mmhm. This is a fab idea. n__n


Name: Noel~
Age: 16
Favorite color: Blue? Or red? Or... nice, bright orange!
Likes: sarcasm, music, WRITING!, horror movies, chickflicks, autumn, Engrish, friends, video games, fangirling, G-ri, laughing, personal space :D, jeans, sweatshirts, my ratty Converses, flipflops, pretty boys
Dislikes: drama, my peers (honestly. Older or younger is fine, it's just... peers...), racists, homophobes, politicians, teh establishmentz?, people smoking around me, sharing the computer, sensitive people, potatoes
Hobbies: writing, music-listening, lurking, macro-making, reading, video games, stealthily pretending to exercise

Groups(s)/Band(s): Paramore, Matt Nathanson, Anna Nalick, Kanye West, The Hush Sound, Big Bang, Sara Bareilles, Sugar Donut, SE7EN, Taeyang, Corinne Bailey Rae
Movie(s): Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 200 Pounds of Beauty, 1408, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Food/candy: KIMCHI, sandwiches, cereal!, curry


Strong Point: compassionate?
Weak Point: Talking About My Feelings. Also. Major ADD. XD Need moar Adderall.
What is most important in your life? my friends and my morals
Future dreams: writer, possibly a faily musician


Favorite member? Why? Seungri, because he's way too loveable. He's all awkward and hilarious and he has a really strong sense of himself, and really sweet. :D Always kind to fans, I hear.
Favorite song: Either 'How Gee' or 'Goodbye Baby'
Favorite PV? why?: 'Goodbye Baby'. Have you seen this MV? Have you seen that amazing jumpy thing that Seungri does at the one part? THIS IS THE HOTTEST PV EVER, K?

Your most treasured memory: uh... I don't have any.
How is your idea of a fun day with friends? watching a horror movie, talking, laughing a ton!
What would you do if you won $10000? buy myself a laptop and a camera and give the rest to charity. :D

Pictures(optional): (max 2)

My fake expressions will pwn j00. D8<
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